Organized by the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, the incredible Canadian Medical Mission Teams were comprised of specialized nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, surgeons and occupational therapists from across Canada, including an organizing team in charge of logistics. I arrived as photographer of the mission. The Canadian team worked closely with Ukrainian medical professionals at the Kyiv Main Military Clinical hospital. There were four medical missions conducted, and one initial assessment mission in search of the best facilities to operate the missions.

In total, the teams preformed 232 consultations, 183 procedures and 97 operations.

Meet the Canadian Medical Team

Anka Wrzesnewsky

Adriana Luhovy
Dr Adrian Hawaleshka Dr Paul Slavchenko

Pam Ball


Meet the Ukrainian Medical Team

Roman Fishchuk Ksenia Goroschchuk Vasil Strilka Yasya Golovkova Viktoria Meyta Serhij Chiachuk


Dr. Ihor Fedirko
Viktoria Meyta, – Kyiv
Yasya Golovkova – Medical Student – Kyiv
Vasil Strilka – Medical Student – Kyiv
Serhij Chiachuk – Medical Student – Kyiv
 Oksana Tymchenko, Hospital Maintenance – Kyiv

Adriana Luhovy, Photographer – Montreal