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Meet Our Production Team

The production of “Recovery Room” has been a long journey. It truly takes a strong team and a community of ongoing support to bring a project of this size to a finish.  Here are a few of the key players in the making of the film.

Adriana Luhovy – director, videographer, sound person

Specialized in graphic design, web design and photography, Adriana takes on each project with high energy, boundless enthusiasm and commitment. She does not believe in problems or barriers, only in solutions to be creatively discovered. She has worked as a camera person and designer on several award-winning documentaries. Recovery Room is her first major feature documentary.

Yurij Luhovy – producer and editor

Yurij has worked in the film industry for over 40 years. He is a member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and has worked on documentaries for the CBC, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and many independent productions. Yurij has also worked on features and co-productions in Canada, Los Angeles, France, Italy and Yugoslavia. A multi-award winning filmmaker, he has produced, directed and edited many independent films.

Zorianna Hrycenko – producer

Has produced several historical documentaries. Her grasp of a project has always brought interesting stories to the forefront. As a newspaper contributor and publicist, she finds thought-provoking issues to bring to the reader. As a producer, she has worked on many multi-award winning feature documentaries.

Igor Y. Antonov – translator

Was born in 1968 in Asbest, Russia. Graduated from Shevchenko in 1994 with a Specialist Degree in English, German and Dutch. Set up in 1995 a translation agency in Kyiv. Translated and interpreted for various projects under World Bank, USAID, EBRD and European Commission programmes. Currently in addition to translation services provides language training in a number of languages.

Oksana Rozumna – script editor

Her work in film focuses on documentaries and includes script-writer and script editor for award-winning documentaries. She has done extensive translating for various academic and community institutions, collaborated on various research projects, and has contributed articles to newspapers and journals.

Roman Luhovy – sound editor, sound mixer, composer

His deep understanding of sound helps to clarify dialogue and place creative sound effects where needed. Roman is able to finally balance his sound mixes by blending in his sensitive musical compositions to enhance a scene without overpowering it. He also is a recipient of several awards.

Anton Blashchuk – Sound Effects Editor

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine 1987. Obtained Specialist Degree in International Economics (Taras Shevchenko University) in 2011. Studied Economics at University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Created a recording company in 2014: SoundPlant Studio. Specializes is sound production and musical composition.